Coke (Tip 6 :: Keep brightest light behind you)

We love Zero-Coke

Temple in Thai (Tip 5 :: Stop and shoot, no moving camera around)


Beautiful . . .

Camera didn’t move but boat moved.(little!)

Elevator (Tip 2 :: Shoot short shots)

Tiktok tiktok


RUN ON THE RAIL (Tip 5 :: Stop and shoot, no moving camera around)

The train comes every hour.

Don’t worry:)


A running girl

What a bright girl!

Seat on the lion

Lion is a HYU’s symbol


HYU station

My friend couldn’t hold her laughing.



This is a donation tetris.



Cars are too fast. I’m scared.


Eating sushi


BGM is great.



This is in Hanyang Univ.

Take a walk

This is at Lake Seokchon. This place is good for a walk.


What did she do ?

She watched Skyscanner.

Maybe she want to go to travel.


Our Lunch

Its name is Flying Ball and it is in Wangsimni Station.

Potato pizza is my best.



These two buildings give a different feel.

But it is in the same place.


 Feel free

I want to ride a bike at a university.

Playing basketball too.


Walking in the palace 1

Can you feel the expectation in the video?

Walking in the palace 2

It’s magnificent. The tile is beautiful.

Walking in the palace 3

I appear soon. Take a good look!

Walking in the palace 4

So beautiful. I envied the King of the Joseon Dynasty.

Walking in the palace 5

I did not ask him to appear. Thanks 🙂

Walking in the palace 6

It is mysterious to walk the palace at night.

Would I have lived here if I were a princess?

Busy cars in front of Seoul City Hall

Seoul is the top city.

I have a driver ‘s license but I am afraid to drive.


Falling leaves

It is in front of my house.

I was standing alone, but it was very romantic.


Christmas is coming!

Animals are also celebrating Christmas 🙂 So cute >_<



I want to decorate my room with this shining light.


Interview : Do you believe in Santa?

This video was not included in our project.

This is unpublished!!