Video Project #2

Do you believe in Santa Claus?

Everyone knows there is no Santa if they are adults.

But we want to know When & Why we first learned that Santa was not real!!

Before interviewing others, each of the team members had a different story.

So, that was interesting. We decided to interview each of the five people.

From Hanyang University students to Kids. The interviewees varied.


Post1 : Christmas tree in my univ.

This Christmas tree is in Chung Mong-koo Automotive Research Center of Hanyang Univ.

I thought we need some Christmas scenes to use intro.

So I looked for things that reminded me of Christmas.

This is one of them.

At a desolate university, This tree changed the atmosphere pleasantly.

I think this scene is very powerful because the colors of the drops on the trees are pretty.


Post2 : Interview

I interviewed at Hanyang University. She is a second year college student.

But because there was no microphone, I replaced it with a water bottle.

This is too bad. It would have been nice if I had prepared the mike model in advance.

But I think the camera angle is good.  It’s like CNN interview news.


Post 3 : Shopping mall

Even before Christmas, shopping malls were decorated. I was surprised.

I was able to shoot good scenes.

But I think camera walking is too slow. So it seems edited 🙂 LOL

Because it is a photo-zone, it was popular with people and shooting was difficult.